icon: Gloria Swanson

6 Jul

Over to NYC and our favourite hipster mag ‘Papermag‘ where our favourite writer (possibly of all time) shares with us an Icon from the golden age of Hollywood, and one who has possible never quite received the recognition she truly deserved.

A silent screen goddess and legendary style icon (are we alone in wishing that the screen sirens of today would be a little more, well, 1940’s in their style???), Gloria fell somewhat out of favour with the advent of the ‘talkies’ but rebounded to make a huge comeback in the 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard. Queen Kelly which she introduces on the video above was, though a spectacular flop – to find out why, and to read more word of his gorgeous wisdom visit the wonderful Mr Mickey and click, juuuuuuust.  Here.



2 Responses to “icon: Gloria Swanson”

  1. LadyLaMode July 12, 2011 at 23:52 #

    Amarige Panache! Holy conole its been so long scince ive updated lady la mode I will be changing my blog up a little more I’ve recently started my fashion line that I’ve been waiting years to do! hope you all are doing great!:)
    -lady la mode

  2. Burberry Watches July 25, 2011 at 15:23 #

    Gloria Swanson is truly a style icon. I wish more young people could see her movies, learn about her life and appreciate her more. She must not be forgotten.

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