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fashion: boys backstage – the models prepare for their shows

8 Mar

Over to backstage@.com for some revealing shots of male model talent backstage at recent fashion weeks across the globe.

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beauty: looking for adam?

3 Oct

back to chosenmodels.com for more shots of the hot, hot, hot Adam Franklin.

We last featured Adam on our new talent post and the response was phenomenal so due to popular demand, and mostly because he’s native to chicago and as we’ll never bump into him here in London, it gives us another chance to look at his photos.  So, thanks for sharing the lovely Adam one more time chosenmodels.com . . . we’ll check back soon.


beauty: backstage pass.

14 Sep

Back to our new favourite source of inspiration backstageat.com for more from mens week at new york fashion week.  If these photos aren’t inspiration enough to get our sorry ass up and in the gym again tomorrow then I don’t know what is.  Gotta work them pecs baby!


beauty: now thats what we call a window display!

8 Sep

Now we know that Kim Cattrall worked the look back in the 80’s movie mannequin, but hey if it worked for her . . .

90210 actor Matt Lanter’s public semi nudity was all in the aid of his craft.  The 27-year-old star was actually shooting the shirtless scene for the new season of the hit CW show, in which he plays Liam Court, in the window of Reiss on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills yesterday.

We did say that we were loving Reiss this season . . .


fashion: a lil’ more noah . . .

8 Sep

You can read our earlier post to see just why we here at AP. like male supermodel Noah Mills so much.  With campaigns this Autumn for Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce and Gabanna, Michael Kors and GQ It seems like every magazine we open at the moment is full of Noah . . .

So we thought we’d start the day with a little more Noah.  Here goes . . .



beauty: noah mills is mr sex and the city

6 Sep

OK so we know that for most of us Sex and the City 2 was like a million years ago, but we at AP. feel like it’s as fresh as a daisy, and part of that reason must be down to the fact that one of the stars, Noah Mills, seems to be everywhere these days.  Noah seen (above) in a shot from the movie was recently photographed for Grazia magazine and the photos (below) speak for themselves . . .

If you like Noah – read more about him here.

The D&G poster boy was born in TorontoCanada and grew up in BaltimoreMaryland. After eighth grade he went to boarding school in Australia. A regular on the New York party scene Mills has become one of the few male models to reach across the media spectrum to become one of one a handful of the true male supermodels.

Well we wouldn’t want to argue with that now, would we?


beauty: calvin klein’s latest boyfriend has a porn past!

4 Sep

See more beauty by clicking just here, or for even more by clicking here instead!


No surprise there then.  Calvin Klein the openly gay designer (well as open as you can be without being ‘open’) who has has a beachfront property on the notorious gay resort in the US has always surrounded himself with hot young gay models (well, it’s probably research for his underwear ad’s!!!)

His latest squeeze, Nick Gruber, has seen him courting some controversy as not only is the handsome ‘model’ just 20 years old (man, he likes ’em young) but also  a former gay porn star, having stared in over 10 movies.

Calvin, this is likely to draw attention for all the wrong reasons. Whatever they might e AP. has dug out some of the more PG images from his career to share with you, see what you think . . .


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