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video: Britney’s ’till the world ends’ new video first full look here.

6 Apr

Hers it is folks, the first full length look at Britney Spears ’till the world ends’ – we can’t help but notice that it’s basically just a rehash of her earlier video for ‘slave’ . . .




video: Britney back on game in video sneak-peak.

5 Apr

Britney gave us all a sneak of what we might expect from a possible world tour later this year with this 30second clip from her new video, ’till the world ends’.  For the video clip scroll down . . .

It's the end of the world as we know it: Britney Spears gets her post-apocalyptic groove on in the video for her latest single Till The World Ends
It's Britney, b**ch: The pop star tousles her blonde wavy hair as she sings seductively to the camera...
... before launching into a solo dance routine in front of a gold disc wall
Leather studded Spears: Britney is every inch the rock chick as she gets up close and personal with a male dancer
Apocalypse now: Meteors litter the sky destroying everything in their path...
... but the pop princess just wants to keep dancing
To the left, to the right: Britney and her dancers strut around the makeshift stage

Expected to top the Billboard charts this week with her 7th longplay release ‘femme fatale’ Britney looks back at the top of her game, but don’t take our word for it see it now.



music: Beyoncé exclusive! new album release and hot new look!

4 Apr

It’s not often that we hang out at a run down motel in New Jersey dressed like a 70’s gangster’s moll – and much less that we do it and still look fab-u-lous, but then we’re not Miss Beyoncé Knowles.

Thats where we found her this weekend hanging out at a faded freeway stop off posing for a new photo shoot in the New York ‘burbs.

She looks radiant off the back of press regarding her next album, let slip that it is due to drop in June this year by Sony Music Australia executive Denis Handlin after he was heard enthusing: “It was just amazing. She came in and played us six tracks from the album’ Going on to say, ‘These songs, the best description I can give is groundbreaking; she’s gone to another level.’

With a new album, expected tour later this year, headlining the iconic Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, and new film role as Esther Hoffman in a remake of A Star Is Born, with Clint Eastwood directing.  It looks like this could be a massive year for Sasha Fierce!


fashion: D&G & Britney whore themselves out AGAIN!

2 Apr

OK, so is it just us or has the recent tax evasion lawsuit brought against fashion superstars Dolce & Gabanna led the dynamic duo to lend their names and skills to, well, just about anything they can?

Not content with having their dress featured on the cover of no less than 3 current European editions of Vogue, and fresh out of a worldwide ad campaign starring Queen of pop Madonna, the duo turned their attention to singing canary Kylie Minogue and bedecked her and her dancers for her current aphrodite tour, they have now also added the ultimate car crash; Britney Spears to their rostra.

These latest shots feature in the album artwork for the singers new release ‘femme fatale’.  Dressed exclusively in D&G the singer looks back to her airbrushed best as she twirls her way through a set of heavily publicised photos, well at least she isn’t hawking more of her bloody arifreshner, sorry, we mean perfume!


music: something soothing for a Sunday evening.

27 Mar

Just play it – it’s a treasure.



photography: Britney forever for V.

19 Mar

The media onslaught continues ahead of the release of the pop starlet’s new album, ‘femme fatale’ with a spread in the latest issue of V magazine, and whilst we cannot comment on the heavy airbrushing obviously used here – we do know that the soft pastel colours feel so right for Spring 2011.  Lets just hope the next video lives up to the hype after the disappointing ‘hold it against me’.


video: essential listening to round off a Monday!

14 Mar

Old skool Tori Amos.  Turn it up loud, jump around the room.  Throw your arms in the air and pretend like it’s still the weekend, you know you want to.


video: Jennifer Lopez creates the sound of Summer?

13 Mar

OK, yes we’ll admit it.  It is too early to be talking sounds of the Summer already.  But hey, the fall collections have finished showing, and our local Gucci boutique has already started to move the summer merchandise out of the way.

So even though it’s March who are we to argue when the indomitable Jennifer Lopez comes back from what looked like a career stalling break as judge on top US show Americal Idol, and with what promises to be THE sound you’re guaranteed to hear on a dancefloor this summer?

Incorporating a sample from Kaoma’s 1989 single “Lambada” and fused with latin beats, the song has rewached top 5 in the US and after just one week’s release the video has reached over 25million hits on YouTube.  Whats all the fuss about?  Well check it out for yourself here . . .


music: the shots Alicia Keys and Beyoncé don’t want you to see . . .

11 Mar

Whilst Alicia Keys straddled the globe with her last release ‘the element of freedom’ the world waited with baited breath for the release of the Beyoncé duet ‘put it in a love song’.  Both girls jetted out to Rio last year to film the carnival themed music video for the uptempo dance number, and we waited, and waited, and waited.  Finally Alicia Keys released a clip of the video online, stating that there were no plans to release the song as a standalone single.

So imagine our shock when the clip from the video was pulled from YouTube “due to a copyright claim by Ms Beyoncé Knowles”, Keys publicist later added to Entertainment Weekly that you won’t be seeing the full clip anytime soon stating that “Presently, there are no plans to release the video

You’ll just have to make do with these still’s instead . . .


fashion: Carl Barat for Mr Porter.

11 Mar

We here at AP. love Mr Porter, think love is a strong word?  Well for us not strong enough.  Mr Porter has taken everything we loved about Net-a-Porter and combined it with the best of esquire (which isn’t so surprising as Jeremy Langmead of Esquire is editor-in-chief at Mr Porter), and we love the magazine format and simple to use page layout.

It seems it’s not just us either – it’s having something of a moment – and this week features Mr Carl Barat, he formerly of the Libertines fame, talking about his style do’s and don’ts.  Check it out here.


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